Friday, June 7, 2013

Welcome Home Zoey!

This evening Zoey was welcomed home with much love and excitement.

Her sisters and two of her cousins worked hard on making Zoey a giant welcome home banner!

We all enjoyed some quiet times visiting with Bryan and Valorie, and playing with Zoey. And of course Zoey got lots and lots of kisses!! 

Kisses from Ama (Great Grandma)

Playing with sissy Hayley

Lovin's from Auntie 

Playing Minnie Mouse, of course, with her Mammie.
(HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMMIE! What a gift, to see her grandbaby 
come home from the hospital on her birthday!!)

Our hearts were beyond happy tonight, seeing Zoey at home, full of spunk and laughter. This is the Zoey we all know and love so much. It's crazy to think that just two weeks ago, we were in such a dark place when Zoey was fighting for her life. Today she looks amazing, considering all that she has been through! And what courage this little girl has.... I can only imagine how I'd feel after 8 surgeries, but Zoey doesn't fail to have the most beautiful smile upon her face. She is feisty, she is a fighter, she is full of LIFE! 

Zoey, in Greek means "Life". Rene, in Late Latin means "Born Again". How awesome is that?! Zoey Rene is life, and she will have life abundantly! Though she may have quite the journey ahead of her, there is no doubt in our minds that she will overcome again and again. Her life is destined for greatness! 


  1. This is FANTASTIC!!! LOVE the pictures of everyone all together at home! Praising God for Zoey's healing and for sustaining your family during this horrible ordeal. Love to your beautiful family!
    ~the caceres'

  2. Yay I'm so happy praise God thank u Lord such a sweet beautiful blessing she is