Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Road to Recovery Begins!

Huge praise report today! Zoey has done a huge turnaround!! She just came out of surgery #8, and for now the doctors were able to get the incisions closed up enough without having to do a skin graft!! Should she need any more surgeries, they won't be in the immediate future. Her precious little body is going to have a chance to recover now! Doctors are hopeful that Zoey should be able to come home this weekend! Zoey just needs to regain her strength enough to be able to eat on her own. For now they are confident that all the infection is gone and under control. Further testing, treatments, physical therapy and the rest of her recovery should be able to be done on an outpatient basis! Bryan and Valorie will need to keep a close eye on her for awhile, since we all know just how fast spreading of a bacteria this was. But, this is a total answer to prayer and we are all in awe of this amazing news!! There is still not an answer yet as to what the possible autoimmune condition could be, or if it was all a result of the trauma her body has gone through.

To every person who has faithfully been in prayer for our sweet girl, the family thanks you! To every person and family who has generously donated to Zoey's Medical Fund, THANK YOU! This will help lift a little bit of the burden off Bryan and Valorie's shoulders over the next weeks during Zoey's recovery. We are eternally grateful!

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