Monday, June 3, 2013

Eventful Day

Today was quite the eventful day. This was by far the best day Zoey has had since this all began.

The girls got to come down to visit with Zoey in her room! The quarantine has been lifted as of today!! The whole family got to spend some sweet moments at Zoey's bedside. Here is sister Peyton singing Zoey a song:

Hayley enjoyed a trip to get pizza with Daddy:

Q13 Fox news came to interview Bryan and Valorie about Zoey's condition. Tune in tonight at 10 o'clock to see the interview. 

Zoey had a lot of imaging done today, including an MRI and echocardiogram. The rash on her body has not subsided. Doctors are at this point still baffled as to what the cause is, and unsure what autoimmune disease she may or may not have. They continue to do more testing and cultures of her blood. Today Zoey also pulled out her feeding tube again, and this evening they had to put in another one. This time they put some mitts on her hands to keep her from pulling on the tube. We're praying that she gets lots of rest tonight in preparation for tomorrow's surgery, which will begin the reconstruction phase. Please cover our sweet girl  and her parents in prayer tomorrow during surgery. 

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