Sunday, June 2, 2013

Uncertainty and heavy hearts

Coming from a heavy heart and uncertainty...please don't stop the chain of prayer for our precious little Zoey, and for Bryan, Valorie, and the team of doctors. Zoey is undergoing some more testing today. The doctors found inflammation in the biopsy of her blood vessels, which leads them to believe she has a rare autoimmune disease of the blood. Specifics are unknown at this point, and we have no clue what this is going to mean for her treatment and for her future. She woke up today with swelling in her leg and a rash up her of now doctors feel the rash/swelling is not from the bacterial infection like before, but rather from the unknown possible autoimmune disease. Our hearts are breaking for what Zoey continues to go through. Please keep Bryan Valorie and all of the family in your prayers as well, there's so much uncertainty and fear in the unknown. 

This evening the doctors decided that Zoey truly needed the NG tube put back in. They sedated her to put in the tube in less traumatically for Zoey. We are praying that she can keep this one in, for her body is weak and needs the nutrients. 

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