Saturday, June 1, 2013

Princesses visit with Mommy

Last night Bryan came home to get some much needed rest, get some more clothes and items needed from home, and to spend some one on one time with Peyton and Hayley. Then in the morning we brought the big girls to the hospital for a surprise visit with Mommy!

Not wanting to go far from Zoey at the hospital, we went to a nearby shopping mall and played at the park. It was a refreshing time for Valorie to get out of the hospital, and spend some much needed time with the big girls. Mommy bought the girls a special animal at a toy shop, Peyton picked a cute little hootie owl and Hayley a kitten. The girls were dressed in their favorite princess dresses.... it was a princess parade through the mall!

Today was a mostly refreshing day. There was some concern from doctors about biopsy results, but we don't know anything yet. More information should come tomorrow.

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