Bryan and Valorie are high school sweethearts. They were married a year after graduation and quickly started their little family. They first welcomed baby girl Peyton, followed by sister Hayley, and lastly Zoey. They are a young, vibrant family who live life with passion and most importantly with a foundation of faith in Jesus Christ. 

On May 25th, two year old Zoey developed a rash on her leg and by evening it was notably worse and she was in pain. It all happened so quickly, the ER doctors checked Zoey in and quickly decided to have her transported by aid car to Seattle Children's Hospital. They thought she had cellulitis and quickly got her into emergency surgery late that night. Nothing could have prepared them for the week to come. Doctors prepared Bryan and Valorie that Zoey may need her leg amputated, and that she could ultimately lose her life. 

This whirlwind journey has only just begun, and Zoey has a long road ahead of her. There have been moments of victory and praise, and there have been many times of uncertainty and fear. We have hope because we know that ultimately God is in control, He is the mighty physician, He knows Zoey's needs, and He is faithful to sustain us through these difficult times. We created this blog to share Zoey's story, provide updates, prayer requests, and triumphs. Sometimes we don't understand why He allows things to happen until it's over and we can look back and clearly see how every step was guided by His hands, and that He never left your side. We can look at how the body of Christ is working in all this right now! We couldn't go through such difficult times without the faith and hope that is Jesus Christ. May this soon be a distant memory in which Jesus Christ, in His infinite love and power, is glorified. 
Our hope remains in Him for Zoey's healing and recovery.

As of May 2014 Zoey has fully recovered from Flesh Eating Bacteria, and is now undergoing treatment for the hole in her heart, Atrial Septal Defect.

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