Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Surgery #5

Zoey's surgery went very well today! The surgeon said he saw NO INFECTION and NOTHING had to be removed! They have not closed up the incisions yet though. Tomorrow the plan is to have the surgeon look for no more signs of infection, but they will give her a day of rest and no surgery! Her tired body needs this recovery time! Also tomorrow, the plastic surgeon will be coming in to talk about what reconstruction will look like. Friday's surgery will have one last clean out, and then begin the closing up of incisions and reconstruction. All I can say is GOD IS GOOD and hears our prayers! He has been faithful to see Zoey Bryan and Valorie through this, and now the worst is over! Praising Jesus! To Him be the glory! Thank you Father for your infinite love and healing power! {insert tears of joy and praise}. We are all overwhelmed with happy tears. Feels like a huge weight lifted off. Thank you to every person who has been praying for our girl, your support is cherished! On another note, Zoey is doing her best to get more nutrients. She is currently sipping on a PediaSure.

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