Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A message from Bryan

From Bryan: "In the past few years I have been diagnosed and beaten cancer, seen my wife roll her car, I as a pedestrian got hit by a car, and now Zoey is going through all of this. God worked miracles with us every time. Even as I type this he is working on Zoey's miracle. I truly believe that he is raising me up to be a soldier for Christ. I want to thank everyone for the love and support through all of this. Your prayers have been felt by my wife and I. Quick update on Zoey. She will go in again for surgery this morning and this time they will stitch a feeding tube in so she can't rip it out like the last one. Thank you all for your prayers and god bless you all. Thanks!"

You two were destined for greatness, and so are your three beautiful daughters! Sometimes we don't understand why He allows things to happen until it's over and we can look back and clearly see how every step was guided by His hands, and that He never once left your side. Also to see how the body of Christ is working in all this right now makes us stand in awe. Just to think of how many people, many we don't even know, are covering our girl in prayer! We couldn't go through such difficult times without the faith and hope that is Jesus Christ. I am excited to see how much more God blesses you in this life!

Prayer request for today: Surgery #5 is planned within the next 1-2 hours. Again we are hoping this is IT and the can begin to sew up all of Zoey's incisions. Jesus let them find no more reason to keep these incisions open. Let Zoey begin the next chapter of reconstruction and healing! 

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