Monday, May 27, 2013

Day 3, surgery #3

This morning Zoey was in a great deal of pain after a rough night. She unknowingly pulled out her IVs and went awhile without any pain medication. The redness on her leg continued to creep upward so they again had to make the incision larger, as well as another new incision on her thigh. Unfortunately they did find and remove more infected tissue in her thigh. The good news is they made cuts down to the bone, and NO infection was found in the bone! This is great news! Also, the worst part of the infection in her lower calf is receding! Praise Jesus!

However, with the find of more infected tissue today, this means another surgery is for sure going to happen tomorrow afternoon. Please uplift Valorie, she is have a very hard day. As you can imagine, this is such a gut-wrenching emotional journey. At the end of the day, Valorie was able to hold Zoey for awhile. This was a much needed moment for both Valorie and Zoey. Mama cried a sweet sigh of relief when they put her baby girl in her arms after a couple days of not being able to hold her girl. <3

Pray tonight that Zoey has an appetite. She needs some protein in her system. If she is unable to eat tonight, they are considering the option of a feeding tube. Praying for rest and peace tonight.

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